REALTORS with Heart


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To make our cities & states more Heart-Safe through CPR training/ AED placement & advocacy.

Why is this important?

One person can save a life and this can strike anyone at any time. Participation will help prevent unnecessary deaths.  About 300,000+ folks die every year (more folks die of cardiac arrest than of breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires & car accidents combined times FOUR!)

 Imagine you or one of your loved ones was the Person in need…the ideal situation is to have:

– Bystander there to perform CPR
– AEDs be as common as fire extinguishers
– AEDs all Publicly Registered so they show up on 911 Operator’s Computer
MINUTES COUNT…EMS often cannot get to victim in less than 4 minutes due to distance, traffic or weather conditions!

AED’s that have been donated to the community by Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors, Realtors with Heart:

The Aronoff Center
Findlay Market
Krohn Convervatory
Carol Ann’s Carousel
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Turner Farms
Gorman Heritage Farm

 Contact us to schedule your group to be trained in CPR & How to use an AED with Confidence:

Gary Rossignol – 513.543.2513 –