Have You Made Your 2015 RPAC Contribution?

Posted on: June 1st, 2015 by RAGC Team No Comments

There is a very important line item on your CABR Dues Invoice…your 2015 RPAC Contribution.

RPAC is the REALTORS® Political Action Committee and saves you thousands of dollars each year by contributing to candidates and issues that are favorable to and supportive of REALTOR® interests.

Preserving the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID)
If the MID was eliminated, home prices would drop by as much as 15%.  Recent calculations by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) indicate you and every REALTOR® member saves $8,800 from the preservation of the MID.

Preserving the Property Tax Deduction
If your clients’ ability to deduct property taxes was eliminated, prices of affected homes would fall by an average of 7%.  That reduction would mean $2,500 less income for you.

FHA Premium Reduction
According to HUD’s own estimates, the reduction in FHA premiums by one-half of one percent for new borrowers will lead to 250,000 additional home sales over three years.  NAR estimates that each REALTOR® member would enjoy an increase in income of nearly $1,000 per year.

These are just three quick examples of the many ways RPAC saves you thousands of your hard-earned dollars each year.

RPAC is the muscle behind our advocacy and legislative efforts at every level of government…whether it’s locally here in Greater Cincinnati, across the state of Ohio or nationally.

$25 is the default setting for your RPAC investment but as these examples show, RPAC is the best investment in real estate you can make, so please invest generously!

Please be sure to invest in RPAC when you pay your CABR Dues Invoice.