Asian Longhorned Beetle Quarantine in Clermont County

Posted on: February 29th, 2016 by RAGC Team No Comments

Since 2011, due to an infestation of the Asian Longhorned Beetle, the Ohio Department of Agriculture issued and maintains a quarantine in areas of Clermont County. Please be aware that the State is contacting property owners and landlords reminding them of the quarantine. These areas include all of Tate Township, East Fork State Park and regulated areas of Monroe, Batavia and Stonelick Townships. Click Here to see a map of infested areas. If you list or sell property in these areas of Clermont County, you may be required to disclose this quarantine information to prospective buyers. Please check with your legal counsel for further guidance.

A recent letter from the Ohio Department of Agriculture states:
“An infestation of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB), a tree-killing insect, was first discovered in Tate Township in Clermont County in June 2011.”

“Please be aware that properties within the quarantine area are subject to a number of restrictions related to the movement of firewood, logs and tree debris. Firewood, and logs, lumber and other wood material from tree species of the following genera must remain in the quarantine area (see enclosed map): Acre (maple), Aesculus (buckeye), Albizia (mimosa), Betula (birch), Cercidiphyllum (katsura), Fraxinus (ash), Koelreteria (golden raintree), Platanus (sycamore), Populus (poplar), Salix (willow), Sorbus (mountain ash), and Ulmus (elm). Any contractors that may be performing tree trim work or other landscaping services should be made aware of the quarantine and have a current compliance agreement with ODA.

Your cooperation is crucial to the success of eradicating ALB from Clermont County. Please contact the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication program at (513) 381-7180 if you have questions or concerns. More information is also available online at “