CABR Post-Inspection Addendum

Posted on: August 22nd, 2016 by RAGC Team No Comments

Spotlight on Contracts & Forms

CABR has a library of contract clauses and more than 40 contracts and forms available for use by CABR members.

Here’s one you should be using!

CABR Post-Inspection Addendum:  Your buyer obtains an inspection and you grab a blank addendum to inform the seller of items the buyer would like to have addressed as a result of the findings.  However….what is the proper language to use?  If writing it up on a blank addendum using your own language, are you ensuring that your buyer is protected and there is a clear understanding of the request?  Are you exposing yourself to a potential allegation of unauthorized practice of law?

The CABR Post-Inspection Addendum was created to take out some of the guesswork and protect the parties and the licensees in this situation. The form provides direction and language that can clarify the intent of the parties and protect the parties from misunderstanding.  You can view the form by signing in at