Cincinnati Enquirer Joins CABR: NO on Transfer Tax Increase!

Posted on: December 3rd, 2018 by RAGC Team No Comments

The Cincinnati Enquirer has joined the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS in urging Hamilton County Commissioners Todd Portune, Denise Driehaus and Chris Monzel in saying NO to ANY INCREASE in the Hamilton County Property Transfer Tax! View the editorial by Cincinnati Enquirer’s Opinion Editor Kevin S. Aldridge below…

Speaking of bad decisions by the commissioners, a proposal to raise the real estate transfer fee on homeowners would fall into that category if approved by the board. The county’s administration is recommending increasing the fee to sell a house in Hamilton County by a third or $100 to $400 per $100,000. The increase would bring in about $3.7 million additionally next year to help pay for a projected $29 million deficit. The commissioners last December opted not to raise the fee, fearing it would hurt home sales. They should do so again. Residents are weary of taxes and this is just one more burden that would be placed on already cash-strapped homeowners.

Please help us by taking part in the Call for Action steps below and ask the Commissioners to reject any Transfer Tax Increase!

Step 1: Email and/or call all 3 Commissioners at their contact information below.

Commissioner Todd Portune

[email protected] 



Commissioner Denise Driehaus

[email protected]



Commissioner Chris Monzel

[email protected]



Step 2: Attend the next (and likely FINAL) Public Hearing this Wednesday December 5th at 11:30am at the Hamilton County Administration Building 138 E. Court Street Room 605 Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Thank you for reading about and taking action on this very important REALTOR Party issue!