Home Showing Customs for Sellers

Home Showing Customs for Sellers

Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors®

So, you’ve decided to move.  Now it’s time to consider what you can do to help your REALTOR® sell your home as quickly as possible.  The first thing you must do is prepare your home for showing and marketing.  Then, keep in mind that, although taking care of repair items and landscaping may make your house more marketable, flexible showing options may help your REALTOR® sell your home more quickly.

Consider this…

Most REALTORS® agree that a potential buyer will stay longer in a home during a showing if the seller is not present.  Many buyers feel they are intruding on your privacy by walking through every room and opening every cabinet or closet under your watchful eye.  It is very difficult for the buyer to envision this home as their own or talk freely about the things they would change with the seller nearby.

Try to give the buyer the freedom of discovering your home.  If you can, step out of the house and visit a neighbor or pile the kids in the car for a short ride.  If that’s not possible, go out into the backyard or to the front porch until the showing is completed.

Remember, the real marketing begins when the buyer walks through your front door.  The more flexible you are, and the more you cooperate with your REALTOR®, the better your chances for a quick sale.  If at all possible, have your home in “showing condition” every morning before you leave.  That way, your REALTOR® can quickly and efficiently arrange showings while you are out.

If someone is home during the day, try to keep your home clean and neat so that your need for notification is as short as possible.


At the Time of Listing Your Home…

It is very important that you and your REALTOR® agree up front about showing your home.  Consider what times your home can be shown or if certain days are off limits.  Consider any special circumstance such as a family member who works the late shift and sleeps during the day.  Keep in mind that more restrictive showing times may limit the number of potential buyers who may want to view your home.

If your home is wired with a security system, you will want to discuss with your REALTOR® the access to your code.  Check to see if your system can be programmed with a temporary code for the marketing period.

Discuss whether other precautions need to be taken.  Does someone have to let the dog out or keep the cat in?  Now is the time to put away your delicate valuables, medications and other personal items to prevent loss or accidental breakage.


To Confirm or Not to Confirm…That’s the Big Question…

Remember, the goal is to sell your home and the best way to accomplish this goal is to provide easy access to potential buyers.  Make sure you and your REALTOR® are in complete agreement as to how and when your home will be shown before the first potential buyer comes to your door.  If you feel you must verbally confirm every showing prior to establishing the appointment, it’s up to you to make sure you are easily accessible to your REALTOR® or the firm’s appointment center.

Try to always be ready for “short notice” showings.  Many sellers find that a notification message is sufficient instead of confirming each and every appointment.  In the Cincinnati area, it is a common practice for agents to leave their business card in the seller’s home after the showing.  That way, the seller knows a showing occurred while they were out.

                                                                                                                  Date:  June 2014