CPR+AED=Lifesavers Committee


To make our cities & states more Heart-Safe through CPR training/ AED placement & advocacy.

Why is this important?

One person can save a life and this can strike anyone at any time. Participation will help prevent unnecessary deaths.  About 300,000+ folks die every year (more folks die of cardiac arrest than of breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires & car accidents combined times FOUR!)

 Imagine you or one of your loved ones was the Person in need…the ideal situation is to have:

– Bystander there to perform CPR
– AEDs be as common as fire extinguishers
– AEDs all Publicly Registered so they show up on 911 Operator’s Computer
MINUTES COUNT…EMS often cannot get to victim in less than 4 minutes due to distance, traffic or weather conditions!

AED’s that have been donated to the community by Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors, CPR+AED=Lifesavers:

The Aronoff Center
Findlay Market
Krohn Conservatory
Carol Ann’s Carousel
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Turner Farms (2 AEDs)
Gorman Heritage Farm
Fountain Square
Washington Park
McDonald Commons Park
Keehner Park
Cincinnati Nature Center
International Friendship Park
Saint Ursula Academy
Camp Allyn
Stepping Stones Given Road

 To make a donation to help us place more AEDs in our community:

– Send a check, payable to: CABR Charitable Foundation, 14 Knollcrest Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237
– Call Yvette Briggerman at 513-842-3016 to make a credit card donation

 Contact us to schedule your group to be trained in CPR & How to use an AED with Confidence:

Valerie Jacobs – Chair [email protected] – 513-441-5204

Sandra Sims – Vice Chair [email protected] – 859-912-0328

Yvette Briggerman, Staff Liaison – 513-842-3016 – [email protected]