Learn & Earn Webinar: New FHA Appraisal Guidelines – November 2015 
Join Steve Papin, Appraiser on CABR’s REALTOR/Affiliate Committee as he explains the latest updates to FHA Appraisal rules and regulations. Make sure you’re prepared to prepare to your clients! Whether it’s a buyer or a seller, make sure they’re ready for their appraiser visit!

Learn & Earn Webinar: New RESPA/TILA Changes  – TRID – September 2015
Experts from the REALTOR/Affiliate Committee will discuss the new regulations from the CFPB taking effect Oct. 3rd 2015 and what you need to know to be as prepared as possible.

Learn & Earn Webinar: Master Home Inspection Negotiations from Every Angle – May 2015  
Join members of the REALTOR/Affiliate Committee as  they examine the home inspection process and how negotiations are handled by all parties involved in the transaction. Learn how inspectors, agents, appraisers, and lenders view home inspection results and the best practices to create a win-win situation for everyone!

Learn & Earn Webinar: Recent Changes in the Appraisal Process – March 2015
REALTOR/Affiliate Committee members break down the new Collateral Underwriter for Fannie Mae. Learn the new process and how this could impact your business!

Learn & Earn Webinar: Title Insurance- What you really NEED to know- October 8, 2014
Join the CABR REALTOR/Lender Committee as they dive into what you and your clients REALLY need to know about title insurance. Hosted by members of the REALTOR/Lender Committee

Learn and Earn Webinar: Changes Coming in 2015
Watch this update from the REALTOR/Lender Committee on changes being made to the title and lending procedures, and how it will affect agents and clients.

Learn and Earn Webinar: The BIG Deal about Jumbo Loans – July 9, 2014
Recent changes made to Jumbo loan regulations have made this financing option a new trend. Make sure you know the latest on this loan type, when to use it, and what to expect during the transaction. Be as prepared as possible when helping your next client using this program.

Hosted by members of the REALTOR/Lender Committee

Learn and Earn Webinar: Options for Financing New Construction – June 11, 2014
New construction numbers are up and buyers are looking to build! Be prepared to educate your buyers on the financing options they could choose from when building a home. Learn the loans, the process, and the questions to ask the lender when handling new construction.

Learn and Earn Webinar: The Competitive Advantage of a Strong Preapproval-May 14,2014
Make your Buyer’s Offer Stronger! Multiple-offer situations are becoming more and more common, which means you’ve got to have your buyers in the best position possible when submitting an offer. You know about preapprovals, but you’ll be surprised to learn how much these can help your clients in our current market!

*Please note: Audio begins six minutes into the presentation. The instructors then start from the beginning of the webinar*

Learn and Earn Webinar: Appraisal Red Flags – April 9, 2014
Don’t let the appraisal stop you’re deal from happening! Learn what appraisers are looking for and how you can avoid the timely process of trying to fix these things after the appraisal.

Hosts: Greg Amburgy, Appraiser & Chris Sankder, REALTOR

Why Isn’t Your Sale Closing? – How to Expedite the Loan Process-March 11, 2014
Join CABR REALTOR/Lender Committee members Greg Amburgy, Dan Hickman, and Nick Perrino, as they address the question many agents have been faced with: Why isn’t your sale closing? You’ll hear the appraiser, lender, and title company perspective on a transaction and how you can expedite the loan process for your clients.