RPAC Protects You, Your Business and Your Profession

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RPAC is the REALTORS® Political Action Committee – the only PAC run by REALTORS®for REALTORS®.  RPAC is there, protecting you, your business, your profession…24/7/365!

rpac1RPAC contributes to political candidates and issues favorable to and supportive of REALTOR® interests, saving you thousands of dollars every year by securing legislative and political victories that benefit you, your clients and property owners everywhere.

What RPAC Did for You Last Year

  • Worked with the FHA to reduce mortgage insurance premiums and implement new condominium policies;
  • Led an industry coalition to fight for a delay in implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule;
  • Secured reduction of Ohio’s income and small business taxes for REALTORS® who claim their business income on their personal tax returns;
  • Defeated proposed expansion of Ohio’s sales tax to include services related to real estate transactions, such as REALTOR® commissions;
  • Secured continuation of Cincinnati’s Property Tax Rollback policy through 2017, that has saved Cincinnati property owners over $100 million in un-voted property tax increases; and,
  • Defeated a proposed Parcel Tax and Utility Tax to fill Hamilton County’s $4.2 million budget deficit in the 911 system.

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What RPAC Will Be Working on This Year

At the Federal Level of Government:

  • Ensuring the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) remains unharmed, as Congress discusses “tax reform”;
  • Preserving the ability to itemize State and Local property taxes as a deduction on federal income tax returns;
  • Continuing to permit Like-Kind Exchanges (“1031’s”) on a tax-deferred basis – particularly useful for commercial real estate purposes; and,
  • many more state and local issues.

rpac2For example, studies show if the MID was eliminated, home prices would drop by as much as 15%.  Calculations by the National Association of REALTORS® indicate you and every REALTOR® member save $8,800 from the preservation of the MID.  This is just one example of how RPAC saves you thousands of your hard-earned dollars every year.

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RPAC is the muscle behind our advocacy and legislative efforts…whether it’s locally, here in Greater Cincinnati, across the state of Ohio or nationally.

$25 is the ‘default’ setting for your RPAC investment but as the MID example shows, RPAC is the best investment in real estate you can make, so please invest accordingly.

Thank you for your support of RPAC.  RPAC…if real estate is your profession, politics is your business!