Trump Executive Order & Its Impact for REALTORS®

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Trump Executive Order & Its Impact for REALTORS®

October 13, 2017
Mark Quarry
Director of Government Affairs

President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on October 12 directing federal agencies to study health care regulation changes that would allow membership organizations to sponsor health care plans – referred to as “Association Health Plans” (AHPs) – even across state lines, something that until now has been prohibited.

For years, the National Association of REALTORS® has supported legislation that would enable the creation of these AHPs, as well as other efforts to expand health insurance options for REALTORS®.

However, NAR said in a statement yesterday, the Executive Order’s AHP provision “…does not appear to apply to independent contractors. NAR will continue to work with the (Trump) Administration and Congress on regulatory and legislative changes needed to make Association Health Plans a workable option for REALTORS®.”

NAR President Bill Brown said in the statement, “Association Health Plans have long offered promise for small business owners and self-employed individuals seeking affordable health coverage. NAR is reviewing the specifics of the proposal to determine the promise that it may offer self-employed individuals, like real estate professionals.”

Andrew Bremberg, White House domestic policy director, acknowledged President Trump’s order could affect tens of millions of Americans and said the administration also intends to take “additional actions” on health care in the months to come.

So, while not quite ‘take (2) aspirin and call me in the morning,’ we will learn in the weeks (and months) ahead what the ultimate impact this will have on health care options for REALTORS®. Stay tuned. We will provide updates as they occur.

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In the meantime, if you have concerns about your own health care coverage, click the following link to learn more about the REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace.

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