Unreported Licensee Policy

Unreported Licensee Policy

Unreported Licensees are real estate agents who have not joined one of the local association boards of which the Primary CABR Designated REALTOR® is a member.

Article 6, Section 9 and Article 10, Section 3.1 of the CABR Constitution states that if a broker holds the license of a non-member agent, the broker must pay membership fees to the Association on behalf of that licensee.

If you have a licensed agent who has joined your brokerage but has not joined CABR as a REALTOR®, that agent is considered an Unreported Licensee.

When CABR learns of an Unreported Licensee from the state licensing entity, we will automatically send the agent’s Designated REALTOR® a courtesy notice and add the appropriate dues assessment to their account. This dues assessment is pro-rated from the Unreported Licensees license date or transfer ($539 yearly). The Designated REALTOR® can assign a “Broker Delegate” to assist in this process when viewing their Roster through the portal. Notices will then be sent to the Designated REALTOR® and the “Broker Delegate”.

You may view the list of Unreported Licensees by logging in to the Designated REALTOR® Member Portal. Under the Brokerage section, select “Unreported Licensees” and “Invoices” in the Broker Tab. There you will find dues that have been assessed to each Unreported Licensee account.

Upon receiving this notice, a Designated REALTOR® has 30 days to resolve the Unreported Licensee on their account. Failure to resolve an Unreported Licensee within the 30-day period will result in a suspension of CABR and MLS services for all agents in that Designated REALTORS® office(s).

You may choose one of these options to resolve an Unreported Licensee on your account:

  1. Join the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS ®: Have the Unreported Licensee establish REALTOR® membership with the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®. The membership application process can be found HERE.  In addition to the dues and NAR advertising assessment, there is a $150 application fee due by the applicant to become a REALTOR®.
  2. Join Another REALTOR®Association: If the Unreported Licensee holds membership with another REALTOR® association in Ohio or state contiguous to, please confirm that the agent’s primary association has updated NAR records correctly. Once NAR records are updated correctly, the agent will automatically be removed from your Unreported Licensee roster and considered resolved. You may need to contact the agent’s primary association for verification.
  3. Pay the Assessment (Non-Member Fee): You may choose to pay the outstanding balance (calculated from their license date / $539 yearly) instead of the licensee becoming a REALTOR® member of the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®. Please note: Paying the assessment will NOT make the Unreported Licensee a member of CABR.
  4. Return the real estate/appraisal license to the state licensing entity: You may choose to return the license and note that change in the portal under the Brokerage section by selecting “Unreported Licenses” and terminate the relationship. This change will be verified with the licensing entities’ records. After notification, failure to return the license to meet the 30-day deadline will result in the suspension process previously discussed.